Monday, August 2, 2010

Random Summer Pictures

Masen LOVES to listen to music and dance. We will often find him dancing infront of the TV to a commercial. Here, he got ahold of Corynn's Itouch and was able to figure out the headphones. He is such a little beach bum. My mom calls him a sand crab because he loves the sand, but doesn't really care for the water. Trying out a lemon. Check out the silly face.For Father's Day I got Chris a pair of lounge chairs for our lanai. Masen thought "helping" daddy put them together was so much fun, then loved to play peek-a-boo when the job was done.Sometimes playing with toys is so much fun, you just have to jump in the basket with them.

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  1. What a doll! Love the picture of him up-side-down. SO cute.